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Wake up to a view of grazing sheep in Laarbeek, a delicious local breakfast at a B&B in Gemert-Bakel or stay in a unique monastery hotel in Deurne. Take the family to a holiday park or set course with your caravan or motorhome for the most beautiful camping locations in the region.


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  • Fletcher Wellness-Hotel Helmond

    Fletcher Wellness-Hotel Helmond

    Fletcher Wellness-Hotel Helmond offers atmosphere, tranquillity and luxury facilities for the whole family....


  • Herberg de Brabantse Kluis

    Herberg de Brabantse Kluis

    Have you always wanted to enjoy Heavenly and Earthly dishes between cows and Missionary Sisters? Herberg...


  • Hotel restaurant Keizersberg | Elsendorp

    Hotel restaurant Keizersberg | Elsendorp

    n Elsendorp, on the edge of the vast forests of the Brabantse Peel, you will find Hotel Restaurant Keizersberg....


  • Glundr

    Glundr Luxury Bed & Breakfast Glundr! in Asten, Brabant

    At Glundr!, you will imagine yourself in a delightful bubble, and feel right at home. Enjoy perfect hospitality...


  • Hotel Restaurant St. Lambert

    Hotel Restaurant St. Lambert


  • Bed & Breakfast Op Dreef

    Bed & Breakfast Op Dreef Bed & Breakfast op Dreef Deurne

    Beautiful morning with a view of the dew over the meadows, that is waking up at Bed & Breakfast Op Dreef....


  • Landgoed Julianahoeve

    Landgoed Julianahoeve Minicamping Landgoed Julianahoeve Helenaveen

    Small, quiet campsite near Helenaveen and the Deurnese Peel and Mariapeel nature reserves


  • B&B De Linden Someren

    B&B De Linden Someren

    Relax at Bed & Breakfast De Linden in Someren and immerse yourself in hospitality. Immediately upon entering...


  • Hotel Restaurant In d'Ouwe Peel

    Hotel Restaurant In d'Ouwe Peel Hotel Restaurant In d'Ouwe Peel Helenaveen

    Enjoy delicious dishes and drinks in the center of Helenaveen.


  • B&B De Zwaantjes in Someren-Heide

    B&B De Zwaantjes in Someren-Heide

    We are Frans and Ine van der Zwaan and in 2018 we moved from Eindhoven to Someren-Heide to make our dream...


  • Hush Bed & Breakfast

    Hush Bed & Breakfast

    Hush is a romantic, cozy and above all hospitable Bed & Breakfast in Helmond. Hush has 6 Bed & Breakfast...


  • B&B By Berry

    B&B By Berry

    Bed and Breakfast By Berry has 2 rooms.


  • Hotel Café Restaurant Centraal

    Hotel Café Restaurant Centraal

    Hotel Central is located in the center of Someren and you can eat, sleep and party and go out!


  • Holiday homes Hannes

    Holiday homes Hannes

    Cozy holiday homes near De Mariapeel. Ideal place to relax in nature.


  • Hotel Handelia | Handel

    Hotel Handelia | Handel

    Hotel Handelia offers modern rooms in the picturesque village of Handel. The Procession Park surrounds...


  • Eco-toeristfarm de Biezen

    Eco-toeristfarm de Biezen

    We respect our original environment and the valuable cultural-historical natural landscape.


  • Golden Tulip Hotel West-Ende

    Golden Tulip Hotel West-Ende

    Golden Tulip Hotel West-Ende in Helmond combines style and stature with a personal approach and Brabantine...


  • Hotel Nederheide | Milheeze

    Hotel Nederheide | Milheeze

    Naturally Nederheide. A modern hotel located in the beautiful nature reserve the Stippelberg. Completely...


  • B&B Gasterij Liedorp

    B&B Gasterij Liedorp

    We, Caroline and Jeroen van Valkenburg, wish you a warm welcome at our Gasterij Liedorp bed and breakfast...


  • Bed & Breakfast De Stippelberg

    Bed & Breakfast De Stippelberg

    This Bed & Breakfast is the perfect base for various activities in the area of the Peel. So you can in...

    De Rips

  • Bed & Breakfast Avellano in Helmond

    Bed & Breakfast Avellano in Helmond


  • De Hoefpoort Hotel/Garni | Gemert

    De Hoefpoort Hotel/Garni | Gemert

    Spend the night in the atmosphere of yesteryear opposite Gemert's historic castle. In the monumental...


  • B&B Het IJsvogeltje

    B&B Het IJsvogeltje

    A detached unit in your host's backyard.


  • Brabant Forest Cottage

    Brabant Forest Cottage Brabants Boshuisje in Helmond

    This nature cottage is an adorable tiny house in the middle of the Bakelse Bossen near Helmond. The cottage...