ATB network - Cycling on unpaved paths through nature

The Deurne ATB route network
The municipality of Deurne has opened up a number of beautiful forest areas for sporty mountain bikers. The varied course consists of 6 separate rounds (single tracks), which are linked to each other with connecting routes. The course runs through the Zandbos, the Vlierdense forests, the Walsbergse forest, the Liesselse and the Neerkantse forests and contains many winding and technical parts and the differences in height in the area have been used as much as possible.

The routes are marked with signposts with green ATB symbols, where the arrow indicates the direction of the route. The 6 singletracks are set out in one direction of travel. The connecting routes are indicated with the same symbols but in black. These routes are signposted in two directions.

More information and starting points
Below all information per singletrack: