Network of cycling routes in Gemert-Bakell

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How does it work?

A cycle junction is a numbered intersection or road fork in the network. These junctions are connected by recreational cycle routes. The signposting of the routes can be recognized as a rectangular green and white sign with a number in a circle. Using the numbers on the signs, you can ride from intersection to intersection. That way, you can easily determine your own route(s). The network of cycle routes offers comfort and freedom. And you determine the distance and the direction yourself. It’s as simple as that!

Over 600 km of cycling fun

The network of cycle routes in The Peel consists of over 600 kilometers of routes. The junction routes generally pass through cycle paths and low-traffic roads. You can start in every town in The Peel, for example in Deurne, Asten or Gemert-Bakel, but also in Laarbeek and Helmond. The network of cycle routes in The Peel connects to the networks of Limburg and The Kempen, creating endless possibilities.

Theme routes

The network also contains various theme routes. On those special routes, you will find more information about the history of The Peel and the sights and nature along the road. Take for example the route "En route with the Beekmannen".