Milheeze (dialect: Millus) is a village in the Dutch province of North Brabant that has belonged to the municipality of Gemert-Bakel since 1997. Milheeze has about 2015 inhabitants. The first mention of Milheeze dates back to 1334, when the name was spelled Milhese. In 1440, when the chapel was founded, it was already written Milheeze, and Milheze also occurred. The name hees refers to low shrubbery, think shrubbery. The origin of the prefix mil is not known. Previously, the name was also explained from middel and heeze would mean forde or ford. However, namerically this theory cannot be substantiated.

The mill Laurentia is an eight-sided corn mill that was rebuilt in Milheeze in 1890 and had previously served as a polder mill in Bleskensgraaf. It stands on the road to Bakel, almost at the location of the Peelrand fault.

St. Willibrordus Church has a tower dating from the early 15th century. The tower has three tiers. The bell holes are decorated. Around 1900 the tower was raised by several meters and in 1964 the church was further expanded with a rectangular extension. The 15th century Marian bell disappeared at that time. The current bells date from 1948. In 1897 the church received a Smits organ that had previously served in another church and had to be reduced in size to fit in the Milheezer church.

Sacred Heart statue in Church Square, from 1918.

Marian chapel from 1938, built on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the priesthood of pastor J. Simonis. It is a small square building open on three sides with bluestone pillars and round arches. It was built in the Delft School style and made of imitation hand-formed brick. The chapel has a slate-covered gable roof and it contains a statue of the Virgin Mary. The chapel stands slightly east of the windmill, on the road to Bakel.

In Milheeze lies the nature park the Stippelberg

Nature Gate Nederheide

The ideal starting, resting and ending point for a beautiful walk or bike ride through the beautiful nature reserve the Stippelberg is Natuurpoort Nederheide. You will also find several equestrian and mountain bike routes in the immediate vicinity. Natuurpoort Nederheide has a restaurant, a terrace, an indoor swimming pool, a playground and a large recreational lake with a sandy beach. In short: enough ingredients for a wonderful day in the green.

Nature reserve The Stippelberg

Natuurpoort Nederheide is located in the middle of the Stippelberg, one of the most beautiful nature reserves in de Peel with an area of no less than 1000 hectares. Besides beautiful vast forests you will find a variety of pools, sand drifts, heaths and stately lanes. Eighty species of birds breed in this area and Scottish Highlanders, squirrels, deer, hares and foxes also find their home here.

Nederheide Beach Pool

In the middle of nature, behind the restaurant and terrace, lies the large swimming pond of Hotel Restaurant Nederheide. Complete with a beautiful sandy beach and sunbathing area. Here you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing in the summer. Strandbad Nederheide is open daily from 11 am to 8 pm during the summer season.

The Heerlijckheid Gemert-Bakel consists of 7 Church villages. Gemert, Bakel, De Mortel, Handel, Elsendorp, De Rips and Milheeze. Each village has its own rich history. Each village here is unique. Click here for a short introductory film about Gemert-Bakel:'Kom ook naar Gemert-Bakel'. It is definitely worthwhile to come and visit the church villages. For a day out, a weekend trip or an overnight stay in nature. In Gemert-Bakel there is plenty for adults and children to see, do and experience.


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