What is PeelPeuzelen?
PeelPeuzelen is going out into the Peel and enjoying delicious Peel dishes with the PeelPeuzel booklet and along the way.

How does it work?
You buy a PeelPeuzel booklet at one of the points of sale at € 17.50. This booklet contains 10 vouchers, Peuzelkes. You can hand these in at one of the participating catering establishments in De Peel from 1 April to 30 September 2023. In exchange, you will receive a free PeelPeuzel from the restaurant concerned. Only one consumption is required. Check the PeelPeuzel booklet for the offers and opening hours of each participating restaurant.

Nice and easy!
The PeelPeuzelkes on offer have a wide variety, from savoury to sweet, from familiar to special. The PeelPeuzel booklet is not registered by name. So you can go out with several people (max. 6) with a PeelPeuzelboekje: by car, by bike or on foot. Anything goes! You are not tied to a route or package and there is no need to make reservations. Easy right?

Where to spend it?
The PeelPeuzels can be spent at eateries in Laarbeek, Asten, Helmond, Deurne, Gemert-Bakel and Someren. View the brochure HERE with all the information about the restaurants and the Puzeltjes they offer.

Gift voucher PeelPeuzelen
Do you still have a gift voucher PeelPeuzelen 2022 lying around? The validity is extended by 1 season, so can also still be spent for the PeelPeuzelen 2023.

Out and about in autumn and winter?
We expect to issue the PeelSneukelboekje again in autumn 2023, which will take you on the road in autumn and winter for delicious Peel dishes! 

Buy your PeelPeuzel booklet from some hospitable ambassadors of Laarbeek
The new PeelPeuzel booklet is available at 'Knus bij Marie' and 'Goedemorgen Media' in Beek en Donk and 'Bavaria Brouwerijcafé' in Lieshout. It is also on sale at all VVVs in De Peel.