Mansion Speelheuvelstraat 2 in Someren

Mansion Speelheuvelstraat 2; This cube-shaped, classic brick house was built in 1919 by order of Jan Bakermans, who was then director of the straw husk factory. This house is symmetrical in design with checkered corner pilasters and is topped by a high overhanging hipped roof with a bent base. Two corner chimneys on the ridge. The gutter and roof overhang are supported by volute-shaped consoles. The facade consists of three bays. In front of the porch a frontal brick staircase of five steps with landing. The rising masonry consists of brick laid in half-brick bond. This stately mansion, now an office, was inhabited by, among others, the village doctor Dr. Broos and earlier by mayor Smulders, who was murdered in the war year 1944 together with mayor Wijnen from Asten by order of the Germans. 

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Speelheuvelstraat 2
5711 AT Someren
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