Someren is a powerful, Burgundian municipality with almost 20,000 inhabitants in the Brainport region of Southeast Brabant, and is one of 6 municipalities in the Land van de Peel. In addition to Someren-Dorp, the municipality also includes the villages of Lierop, Someren-Eind and Someren-Heide.

Lierop has 2300 inhabitants and has a beautiful center with the beautiful Koepelkerk as the central point. The hamlets of Achterbroek, Berkeindje, Boomen,Broekkant, Eindje, Gebergte, Heieind, Hersel, Moorsel, Oeijenbraak, Otterdijk, Stipdonk, Vaarsche Hoef and Winkelstraat also fall under the village of Lierop.

Lierop borders directly on the Strabrechtse Heide and is therefore a perfect base from which to discover the Strabrechtse Heide with its fens and the Lieropsche Heide with its forests.

In Lierop it is pleasant to stay in a Burgundian way and there are also a number of cultural-historical sights and monuments to admire, including 7 national monuments and 15 municipal monuments that are definitely worth a visit.

Lierop has also been known for many years for its many events and activities. For 50 years, Youth Center Nirwana has been organizing the well-known 3-day festival Nirwana Tuinfeest. The other festivals Peteyfest and Euroshopper Festival are also nationally known. Lierop also has a motocross terrain where MAC Lierop organizes a number of competitions every year. And on Fair Monday in September, the well-known traditional Breeding Horse Day takes place.