Someren is a powerful, Burgundian municipality with almost 20,000 inhabitants in the Brainport region of Southeast Brabant, and is one of 6 municipalities in the Land van de Peel. In addition to Someren-Dorp, the municipality also includes the villages of Lierop, Someren-Eind and Someren-Heide.

Someren-Eind has 3500 inhabitants with the community center De Einder on Nieuwendijk as its central point. The village of Someren-Eind also includes the hamlets of Sluis 12, Sluis 13, the Diepenhoek and the Vlas. Someren-Eind has a supermarket, various shops and cozy restaurants where you are welcome for a snack or drink. The 11 municipal monuments in Someren-Eind are also worth a visit.

Someren-Eind borders directly on De Groote Peel National Park and is therefore a perfect base from which to discover De Groote Peel with its information visitor center De Pelen.

A number of events are organized in Someren-Eind every year, such as the Lollypop Festival, the Koningsfestival, the Someren-Eind Music Festival during the Whitsun weekend, the annual Fair at the end of June, the Zum Schluss Outdoor festival and KwisUm, the village quiz of Someren-Eind. You are also very welcome in the Princess Irene Playground with animal park, a beautiful, spacious (5,000 m2) and safe playground with 28 devices, which is run entirely by volunteers.