Nature Gate Vennenhorst


This entrance gate to the Someren countryside is part of the De Heihorsten area, a development area for all kinds of tourist and recreational functions. Various companies are already fulfilling this objective in this area with all kinds of (sports) day and overnight recreation.

From this nature gate you can get acquainted with the versatile natural recreational environment of hospitable Someren. You can go into nature on foot via signposted routes for themed walks, or take a walk via a route of the hiking nodes. You can discover the beautiful surroundings and the recreation companies in the area by bicycle via signposted theme bicycle routes or via the bicycle junctions. Off-road cyclists can also enjoy a nice trip here via the signposted mountain bike trails. Finally, nature is accessible to the horse riders via the indicated equestrian routes.

The central meeting and accommodation point is Boscafé De Soete Inval: a stopping place for all visitors. You will find toilets, additional tourist information and of course a nice place to enjoy the catering offer. Intended as an accessible facility where you are also welcome with your dog, provided that it is kept on a leash and under supervision. Various facilities are being developed around the forest café to allow young and old to recreate even more appropriately and to learn something from it. At the front is the Arboretum of the Bomen Peelland Foundation, aimed at preserving the Van de Haterd collection with the species Sorbus (rown ash) and Fraxinus (ash). In addition, even more buildings for recreation and education, a few fens and play facilities, objects of land art and a lookout point.

In 1998 the recreation and nature development project "Keelven en omgeving" was started. The point of departure was to make the Keelven area more attractive for recreational purposes and to transform it into the situation as it was in the past: a large heathland area with fens. To achieve this, approximately 15 hectares of poorly growing coniferous wood were felled. In order to make this open space more attractive, the existing relief (former fens) has been used in this area and a number of smaller fens have also been dredged. The new fens consist of open water and a wide natural bank with a pool-marsh zone in which fen and wet heath vegetation can develop.

The management of the area is aimed at allowing nature, forest experience and wood production to come into their own in a forest through integrated forest management; management of both deciduous and coniferous forests, young and mature trees, scrub vegetation, fallen logs, clearings and dead wood. The moor is managed through mowing and grazing by ponies and Highland cattle, who ensure that grasses do not get the upper hand and the area is kept barren so that the moors can continue to thrive where possible.

Keelven is located on the south side of Natuurpoort Vennenhorst, a very attractive area in a beautiful landscape with forests, fens and heath. In order to allow holidaymakers to benefit as much as possible from the natural beauty, special paved walking paths have been constructed in addition to the signposted theme walking routes, which often run via forest paths. These unique Allemansroutes are accessible for a stroller, wheelchair or scooter.

The paths are safe and have no major obstacles. They are rightly walking routes for Everyone! An educational Nature Learning Path has also been developed with the IVN and rest points with picnic sets and beautiful viewpoints have been constructed along the way. There are also signposted cycling and mountain bike routes and horse riding routes through the Keelven area.