Bolle Akkerroute

(8.0 km)

A 2 hour hike through Helmond and Aarle-Rixtel through the beautiful landscape of the Croy country estate.
The hike starts at Restaurant de Croyse Hoeve.

You will visit the Gate House, Castle Croy and the sheep fold, and much more.
The route is also indicated on the junction map.
This route is unfortunately not suitable for wheelchair users.
Starting point
The route starts at Restaurant “De Croyse Hoeve”. You can ask your roadmap at the restaurant or at the Croy Regional Shop.
The Bolle Akker Route can also be obtained for free at VVV Helmond, Watermolenwal 11, Helmond.

Sights on this route

Starting point: Croylaan 9
5735 PB Aarle-Rixtel
End point: Croylaan 9
5735 PB Aarle-Rixtel