Hoeve Milschot Gemert

The oldest mention of Hoeve Milschot dates back to 1421. The farmstead then belongs to a group of 10 farms in Gemert, all owned by the Teutonic Order.

In 1787, the farmstead included about 12 hectares of arable land, 14 hectares of pasture land and a large area of uncultivated farmland. The farmstead was thus the largest owned by the Gemert Commandery of the Teutonic Order.

Hoeve Milschot remained part of the Gemert castle estates for centuries, even after the dissolution of the Teutonic Order in 1809. The castle estates were then owned by the Van Riemsdijk, Lüps and Scheidius families. In 1880, Everart Hugo Scheidius commissioned the demolition of the old property and the construction of a new farmhouse. This farm was again replaced by the present building in 1908.

Hoeve Milschot is part of the large property complex of the Teutonic Order at Milschot and Ter Eyken in Gemert.

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Hoeve Milschot
Milschot 19
5425 PH De Mortel
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