De mooiste wandelroutes in de Peel

Residents, forest rangers and enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the Peel mapped out an endless number of beautiful routes to follow when hiking in De Peel. What must you as a nature lover absolutely not miss?

The Forester’s Path in Groote Peel National Park

If you follow this along the boundary between North Brabant and Limburg, you are tracing the footsteps of forester Marijke Vaes. The route starts in the Buitencentrum de Pelen in Ospel. From here, for about 5 kilometres, you follow boardwalks, go past an observation tower and various information panels that provide information about the historic peat extraction in the area. A beautiful, easily accessible route along farmland, wide open meadow views and exciting marshes.

Length: approx. 5 km

Starting point and end: Buitencentrum de Pelen, Ospel. Check out the entire route on the website of the Dutch Forestry Commission

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The Beuven route, Strabrechtse Heide

The magnificence of the Peel is perhaps experienced at its best along this route. The Beuven route takes you past the largest mere or small pool of the Netherlands, going straight through an extensive area of heather. The first and last sections go through an area rich with forest but, as you approach the mere, you encounter an open landscape with a feast of special plants. Do not be surprised if you come face-to-face with a (good-natured) Scottish Highlander: the cattle are permanent residents of the Strabrechtse Heide. This route is most beautiful in August when the heather is blooming.

Length: 5 km. Good to combine with other routes in the area.

Starting point and end: Boscafé Pastoorke Van Moorsel, Lierop.

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The Nederheide Gateway route

This relatively short but varied route takes you from the Nederheide Gateway through the Bakelse Ponds through dense coniferous forests. On a sunny day, it is great to combine this route with a visit to the Nederheide Beach. If you want to go further, extend the route in the direction of the adjoining forest area De Stippelberg.

Length: 4.5 km

Starting point and end: The Nederheide Gateway

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The Stippelberg Estate

A real forest walk that is beautiful in all four seasons. You walk right into the forest from the parking place, along an English-styled estate with majestic forest paths. Admire the Scottish Highlanders and climb the observation tower to enjoy the view of the heather.

Length: 7.5 km

Starting point and end: The forester's house De Rips.

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Pak de Biezen, Aarle-Rixtel

Put on your good hiking shoes or boots for this beautiful route through De Biezen nature reserve. This mostly wet area has a beautiful route set out over rural paths, wooden bridges, right through meadows and forest areas. The route is signposted from the Brabantse Kluis, an old long gabled farmhouse with an adjacent monastery that now houses an inn and restaurant.

Length: 4.5 km or a shortened version of 3.2 km.

Starting point and end: The Brabantse Kluis Inn, Aarle-Rixtel. Starting at the inn, follow the signs for the ‘Pak de Biezen’ route (‘Grab De Biezen’ route).

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Torrenven route, Mariahout Forest

The Mariahout Forest is a countryside gem well-hidden in Mariahout. The highlight of the route is the Torrenven, where you can be suddenly confronted with complete peace and quiet. Because of the small size of the area, the routes here can be combined and the Torrenven route can be made either shorter or longer.

Length: 7.5 km

Starting point and end: Close to the running track in Mariahout. Be sure you choose the right carpark and select this location in Google Maps in Google Maps. When you leave the carpark, follow the signs for the ‘Torrenven route’.

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Grotelsche Heide hiking trail

The Dutch Forestry Commission set out this beautiful hiking trail across the Grotelsche Heide. A varied route close to the village of Bakel that takes you right through the forest, heathland and along the meandering Esperloop river. Keep an eye out for the Angus cattle and finish your walk with a cup of coffee at Grotel’s Genieten.

Length: 9 km

Starting point and end: Grotel’s Genieten Restaurant. 

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The Deurnese Peel

The Deurnese Peel

A very passable yet adventurous route through the marshy area of the Deurnese Peel. In the words of the creator of the route, Perry Vermeulen: ‘It doesn’t get any better in the Peel.’ He mapped out the varied route, which leaves the Peel Gateway towards the Deurne Canal, crosses bridges deep in the countryside, going past remains of the peat history. An absolute highlight of the route is the walk through Griendtsveen – possibly one of the most beautiful villages in the Netherlands. Tip: en route, you pass the Morgenstond Inn, an ideal spot to take a break (try the ‘Peelplank’ for the most delicious local products!). 

Length: 9.1 km

Starting point and end: The Peel Gateway. A complete description of the route is given by Perry Vermeulen and can be downloaded in gpx format via the button below. The route can also be completen by following these nodes from the Peel Gateway:  6 – 5 – 12 – 18 – 19 – 21 – 62 – 18 – 17 – 11 – 6. 

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Apostelwoning Griendtsveen

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