Fietsroutes in de Peel

It is possible to both relax and exert yourself in the open countryside of the Peel. There are short cycle circuits over the Strabrechtse Heide and long distances along churches, castles and local shops. Or would you rather take an adventurous mountain bike route? The route through the Bakels Bos wood is among the top 10 mountain bike routes in the Netherlands. These bicycle routes in the Peel show you the best part of the region.

The bicycle route of the Pelen

This signposted bicycle route is 59 kilometres long and goes through the special Natura 2000 area called the Pelen. Together, the Deurnese Peel and the Mariapeel, as well as De Groote Peel National Park, form a Natura 2000 area. This is a route for true nature lovers who want to learn more about the history of the Peel landscape along the way.

Length: 59 km

Starting points: The Klok & Peel Museum, Asten; the Peel Gateway, Deurne; and the Outdoor Visitors’ Centre the Pelen, Ospel. A map of the route can be purchased at the Tourist Information Offices’ webshop.

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Strabrechtse Heide bicycle route

It is possible to see the beauty of the Strabrechtse Heide in only 30 kilometres. All you need to do is get on your bicycle and pedal along this route. This bicycle tour starts in the charming centre of Someren and takes you along the various junctions to the vast heathland. There is a highlight in Beuven: the large natural mere or pool in the Netherlands.

Length: 30 km

Starting point and end: Wilhelminaplein, Someren

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Helmond Route

The greatest bicycle route of Helmond! The Helmond Route takes you to the nicest places in and around the city in just 45 kilometres. There are many addresses along the way that make getting off your bicycle worth your while. Cycle straight through the inner city with highlights such as Helmond Castle and the Cocoa Factory. But there are also rural paths along local shops, a woodland area, the recreational lake Barendonk and catering facilities.

Length: 45 km. The route can also be shortened by half.

Starting point and end: the route is signposted; it is possible to start at any junction and can be followed in either direction. The route book is available at the Helmond Tourist Information Office for €2.75.

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Watergate route

The Laarbeek municipality is also called the Watergate of the Peel. This is because of the location at the crossing of the Wilhelminakanaal and the Zuid-Willemsvaart, and the many small meres and pools that make it an area abundant in water. If you cycle along the Watergate route, you will come across some interesting and, at times, well-hidden places in which water plays a main role. These include locks and pumping stations but also the well-known Bavaria brewery, which could not brew beer without water. This route through Laarbeek and Helmond also takes you on beautiful rural bicycle paths, along highlights such as Croy Castle, De Biezen nature reserve and the Warande city park.

Length: 30 or 39 kilometres

Starting point and end: Piet van Thielplein in Beek en Donk. The entire route is signposted.


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Kasteel Croy in Aarle Rixtel

Bakelsbos mountain bike route

Listed at the top of the lists of mountain bike routes in the Netherlands for a reason! This 9-kilometre route directs you over single tracks with fluctuating altitudes through the Bakelse Bossen near Helmond. Along the way you pass through coniferous forests, over hills of pollen and an open field of heather. A short but intense route with lots of variety!

Length: 9.5 km

Starting point and end: Rijpelbergseweg in Helmond. The route is marked with wooden posts with the blue mountain bike symbol.

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Death Valley de Peel

This is a journey through the Peel landscape where impressive stories about Second World War events come to life. The Death Valley De Peel is a themed route network with a minimum of a total of 400 kilometres split up into 15 bicycle routes. More than 100 points of interest tell the story of soldiers, residents, refugees and occupying forces in the Peel during the Second World War.

Length: 400 km, divided into 15 routes

A brochure containing all of the routes can be downloaded from the website of Death Valley De Peel. Free printed route books can be found at the Klok & Peel Museum. 

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Breuken Beleven Route (Experiencing Faults Route)

Large sections of the Peel are located in a zone with underground faults. The most important is the Peel Boundary Fault, which runs from Deurne towards Bakel en Gemert. Following the Breuken Beleven Route, you will become acquainted with the area, the landscape of which you see today was largely shaped by the Peel Boundary Fault. Along the route you will learn more about the impact of these tectonic plates but you will also learn, for example, why a pilgrimage site arose here in particular and why castle occupiers loved to settle here.

Length: 39 km

Starting point and end: Gemert-Bakel Tourist Information Office. A map with a route description can be downloaded online.

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Van Gogh cycling route

Vincent van Gogh created almost a quarter of his total oeuvre during his stay in Nuenen, Brabant, which borders on the Peel. Today, the area forms an outdoor museum that is filled with monuments, sculptures and landscapes that are related to Van Gogh directly. The Van Gogh bicycle route consists of various cycling loops throughout all of Brabant. The route from Nuenen takes you from the former residence of the master painter through Helmond and Laarbeek. Along the way, you encounter places of interest, such as the Van Gogh mural in the inner city of Helmond and the windmill ‘De Vogelenzang’ in Lieshout, which is portrayed in several of Van Gogh’s drawings. 

Length: 49 km

Starting point and end: Vincentre, Nuenen. The Van Gogh bicycle route is fully signposted along the junctions. The road map of the Van Gogh Nuenen route can be purchased online or downloaded via the Routes in Brabant app.

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