Café-zaal-cafetaria Ons Jantje

Café Ons Jantje still exudes the same sense of calm as it did 40 years ago. It is a real village pub where all are welcome. Ons Jantje is happy to be an extension of your living room, as it were. Our door is wide open, so come and exchange the latest news, or play cards, billiards or darts while enjoying a delicious snack or drink. We have something for everyone, whether you like a cold lager or a special ale, wine or port, chocolate milk, or soft drink. We are here to look after your every wish during your visit to our terrace, café, event hall or cafeteria.

Eat, drink, laugh, live... Have fun at Ons Jantje!

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Café-zaal-cafetaria Ons Jantje
Kluisstraat 1
5724 AD Ommel
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