Pedro's tapasbar

In 1984 we started an a la carte restaurant “bistro 't Havenoord”. After many years of success with soups, main courses, surprise menus and the like, in 1997 it was time to do something completely different. After having been on holiday in Spain once, it was immediately clear. This will be the new eating and going out: “TAPAS”. 

Since 2010 we have also started looking at various other cuisines around the world, especially for the smaller dishes better known under the names, Tapas (Spanish), Sushi (Japanese), Mezze (Greek), Amuses (French), finger food (international), or closer to home, bufkes (Limburg) or peuzelkes in North Brabant.

You can see that it can hardly be a coincidence that now, Pedro's tapas bar is specialized in composing, developing and making dishes that all have a specific taste. We therefore cordially invite you to taste these flavors at the architects of worldly tapas, Pedro's TapasBar.


  • Payment options: VVV Cadeaubon



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