Schoolmeesterswoning 1922

Schoolmaster's house 1922

The Schoolmaster's House, or The Master's House, was occupied by the first headmaster P. Hertsig and his family.

The new school built in the same year stood to the right of the master's house but is now gone.

To the left of the master's house is a similar house which was occupied from 1922 by founder/designer Johan Bellemakers.

After master Hertsig, principal Gerard Huvenaars lived here with his family for a long time until the school was demolished and a new one was built at the current village square.

Even this school has already been demolished and since 2012 the new MFA school De Klimboom has come here.

Source: Walking in De Rips. B.Ploegmakers


Mr. Hertsigstraat 7
5764 PR De Rips
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