De Pionier

The Pioneer artwork 1994

The image clearly recognises the farmer and forest worker. On the plaque below the Pioneer are the telling words:

The forest labourer with his saw. the farmer with his sight, have done hard work in clearing De Rips.

The artwork The Pioneer was unveiled on 3 June 1994 in front of the former Rabobank on the Meester Hertsigstraat in recognition of its 65th anniversary. Due to the closure of the bank building, the artwork was moved to this spot. Designed and made by Toon Grassens from Gemert, it represents the symbolism of the diligent Peel workers who earned their living in forestry and agriculture to initiate the development of the present village of De Rips.

Pioneer De Rips statue

Source: Walking in De Rips. B.Ploegmakers