Antoniushoeve horticulture

Max van den Dool and Elsa Leverington run a horticultural farm together and contribute to the local organic food supply.

In autumn 2016, we moved to North Brabant with our two daughters and started at Antoniushoeve, a beautiful old long-gabled farmhouse near Croy Castle in Aarle-Rixtel. Here, on the very fertile historical convex ash soil, we grow many different kinds of vegetables for weekly parcels, a weekly market stall and our shop.

And recently we added 250 animals; our laying hens scratch around the garden every day and give us lots of delicious eggs! Besides the fresh vegetables we get as much as possible from our own land, there will also be organic fruit again. You can also get the delicious biodynamic raw milk farmer's cheese from the Genneper Hoeve in Eindhoven!
Here and there, we will supplement the range with nice local organic products from colleagues over time.