Deurne Palette of De Peel

Welcome to Deurne , Palette of De Peel

We welcome you to our beautiful municipality in De Peel district. People in our village have one thing in common: an original en creative nature. Art and inventiveness are the main charecteristics of our residents. As it happens, Deurne owes its name to artists and authors like Antoon Coolen, Toon Kortooms and Friso Wiegersma of whom the latter wrote the well-known song “het Dorp”( the Village). In this song Wiegersma describes the garden path next to his parental home in Deurne.

This garden path exists not far from the centre of the village. His father was a widely wellknown family doctor as well as an artist, reason why his home has become a museum.

Talking about Deurne one may think of DAF. After all , the individual mr Hub van Doorne, a car manufacturer , founded the DAF works, and made his name worldwide by inventing the automatical car transmission, reason why dr Hub van Doorne became one of Deurne’s heroes, an entrepeneur we are very proud of. Contemporary celebrities like the actress Monic Hendrikx confirm the recent reputation of Deurne village.

The presence of to-day’s artists, painters, authors and all those concerned reflects a versatile community. That is why we proudly call it Deurne , Palette of De Peel!


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