Highlights in Deurne

In Deurne and de Peel you can see and do enough interesting things. The unique Peel, cozy villages, breathtaking nature, monuments, the peat colonial past. Shops and cafes, cultural and history. Ideal for a day out. What should you definitely see? Discover the Peel. Come and enjoy contemporary art and your own culture. Take a look at a museum or visit an attraction, also fun for the kids! Visit the church, the Wieger with the garden path, the Toon Kortooms Park, nature reserve De Peel and the Castle domain. Come see, come experience. You are welcome in Deurne, Griendtsveen, Helenaveen, Liessel, Neerkant and Vlierden.

De Deurnese Peel

The Deurnese Peel and Mariapeel around the former peat colonies Griendtsveen and Helenaveen are remnants of this once very extensive raised bog area. These are beautiful, largely accessible nature reserves with a total area of more than 2,500 hectares.

Tips to discover the Deurnese Peel

The castle domain

Garden in English style with animal pasture and beautiful monuments; Groot Kasteel (castle ruin), Dinghuis, Small Castle, Water mill and the Castle farm. 

Tips for discovering the castle domain

The Markt with the Sint Willibrorduskerk

Monumental church in the center of Deurne. The Gothic cross basilica has various church treasures such as the Smits organ and triptych by Wiegersma.

Tips for visiting the Markt with St. Willibrorduskerk

De Wieger with 'Het Tuinpad van mijn vader'

Well-known Deurnenaar and Dutchman Friso Wiegersma - also the son of doctor-painter Hendrik Wiegersma - wrote the famous song 'Het Dorp' for his friend Wim Sonneveld. Friso writes in his nostalgia for the old village of Deurne.

The garden path with the tall trees is still there (next to the De Wieger museum on the Oude Liesselseweg) and has since been given its own street sign and plaque.

Tips to discover De Wieger and 'Het Tuinpad van mijn vader'

Toon Kortooms Park

Toon Kortooms Park is located where the well-known novelist Toon Kortooms grew up. The park is approximately 3 hectares and is located in the middle of nature reserve De Peel, about which Toon in his books such as "Beekman and Beekman", "Help de dokter verzuipt!" wrote. The park consists of a museum, peat farm and the Barefoot Path.

Tips for discovering the Toon Kortooms Park

Discover the technology of the past

Are you interested in the technology of the past? In Deurne you will find a number of special opportunities to experience the cultural and technical heritage of Deurne.
Museum Techniek met 'n Ziel in Neerkant houses a special collection of technology from 1900 to the present and a touch of nostalgia. Holtens' mill; a working grain and oil mill also a sawmill where time seems to have stood still. And who doesn't know the Dafje? Hub van Doorne, founder of the DAF, was one of the many creative residents of Deurne. Take a walk through the life of the founder of DAF; a special and educational route of 3 km.

Discover the technology of the past