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If you are in Brabant, then a wealth of opportunities lies before you. This province not only has beautiful nature with diverse landscapes, because there is also more than enough to experience in terms of culture, sports and shopping in North Brabant. Spend your day out Brabant in region de Peel and you have countless activities to choose from, suitable for young and old. Outings Brabant, one minute you're visiting a centuries-old castle, while the next you're exploring the center of an atmospheric village.

Region de Peel has no less than six different municipalities, each of which in turn consists of several villages. Are you looking for a town with a large shopping street, a nice cinema and special museums? Then you are more than welcome in Helmond. Taste the culture at the Cacaofabriek, where you can attend exhibitions or enjoy a well-deserved lunch by the canal. Another fun way to store is to hop on your bike and cycle past the various farms. Discover regional products at the Brandevoort farmstead or enjoy a refreshing ice cream at Hoeve Willem III. That's an active and tasty day out in North Brabant.

Do you enjoy an active day out in Brabant? That's no problem in the nature of de Peel. So you'll find an extensive network of equestrian trails where you can enjoy nature in a unique way during a horseback ride. Golfers, on the other hand, feel completely at home at golf course het Woold. In rural surroundings, the road to the eighteenth hole is beautiful. Fun getaways Brabant for summer, then find refreshment at recreational lake Berkendonk. Unwind on the soft sand or dive into the fresh water.

There is also no shortage of cultural attractions in de Peel. This region not only has several theaters, but each village has its own monuments, statues and historic buildings that give the region a unique character. Stroll along the historic walls of centuries-old castles or instead visit one of the many museums during a day out in Brabant.

Whatever your preference, a day out in Brabant is always a success. Here's an overview of all the fun things to do in Brabant, from the best sights to unique activities for adults. So you can get to know this province in the most diverse ways.


Day out Brabant adults

A day out Brabant adults is as versatile as you want it to be. In de Peel you will find several locations where you can experience a cultural day, including the Museum Klok & Peel. On the one hand you will learn about the rich Peel landscape and the flora and fauna that make this region unique. At the same time, you will discover the art of the bell foundry in Asten, the village where even a bell from Notre Dame was cast. With large groups of adults, the Indoor Peel Game is a fun destination for a day out. Sit at a giant playing field and learn fun facts about de Peel as you play.

Are you looking for a fun day out Brabant seniors? Then go back in time together and visit Deurne, the village that was the inspiration for Wim Sonneveld's Het Dorp. Follow the singing workshop Langs het Tuinpad van mijn Vader and learn to sing this special song together while enjoying a walk through the area. The Toon Kortooms Museum is also a great destination for seniors. Here you will dive into the world of this author, enjoy an authentic Peel lunch and walk along the barefoot path.

If you prefer a romantic day out in Brabant with your partner or getaways Brabant 2 persons, attend a performance at the outdoor theaters in Mariahout or Someren, perfect for a sultry summer evening. Quiet walks through one of the rich nature reserves are also a treat. Enjoy the silence together and the atmospheric boardwalks as you walk through National Park de Groote Peel.


Sights of North Brabant

There is no shortage of beautiful sights in North Brabant. These attractions offer you a glimpse into the history, culture or nature of the province. For example, in de Peel you will find the Boerenbondsmuseum. This museum is all about old farm life around 1900. See how old crafts are performed, walk through historically decorated farms or admire the old steam streetcar on the grounds. This attraction guarantees a fun day out for young and old alike. That's why a day out in North Brabant is a great option.

Want to dive into de Peel's wartime past? Then, too, there are several attractions North Brabant that are suitable. For example, you'll take a special trip past several historic sites when you follow one of several Death Valley de Peel cycling routes. Each stop tells part of the story of war, struggle and liberation. There are also several monuments to discover in Brabant, all recalling the war past. For example, visit the imposing war cemetery in Mierlo.

Of course, you also have the choice of more light-hearted sights North Brabant Netherlands. The Bavaria Brewery is a good example. Learn how beer has been brewed here authentically for more than 300 years and discover the family story of this famous brewery. Of course, the best way to end a visit to the brewery is to toast together with a bottle of Bavaria. A visit to the herb garden in Gemert is also a great idea for a day out in North Brabant. Follow a cooking workshop or learn how to make personal care products with fresh herbs.

In addition, Brabant also has several castles. In Asten, you'll discover the ruins of a medieval castle that was partially destroyed by a bombing in World War II. Over the centuries, the important lords of Asten lived here, but it also hosted famous witch hunts. During a day out, visit Brabant castle of Deurne. This castle is also partly destroyed, but has a beautiful location adjacent to a park for young and old to enjoy. Of course, these are not the only castles in the Brabant countryside, as the famous castle of Helmond should not be missed either.


Viewing Helmond Castle

A day out near helmond? Castle Traverse Helmond is perhaps one of the most beautiful historic buildings in de Peel. The castle is incredibly well preserved and there is more than enough to experience at castle Helmond. So are you looking for a nice destination for a day out near Helmond? Then travel to the castle, where young and old will enjoy themselves.

In the castle you always discover several exhibitions. These tell you partly about the history of the castle. Which important lords lived here and what was the function of the castle? Admire historical objects from the Middle Ages and be surprised by the sumptuous paintings in the castle. The Museum Helmond is also located in the castle. That makes this a good destination when you want to learn more about the city's history, but special art can also be admired in the museum.

One of the pluses of visiting Helmond castle is that it is a special day out for children. For example, theatrical tours are organized, where actors make the history of the castle tangible. Children also get the chance to solve mysteries or learn more about how cooking used to be done in the castle. The various castle games make a visit to this historic site a real treat. As icing on the cake, little ones can also be knighted at the end of their visit. A day out Brabant castle is not only possible in Helmond. There are many beautiful castles to visit in the North Brabant region such as the castle Asten, or the ruins in Deurne. Whether you want to visit the castle Deurne, or the castle in Helmond, check out some nice sights below.
Whatever you want to experience during a day out in Brabant, it's all possible in Peel.


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