Group activities and guided tours in Gemert-Bakel

Looking for a fun activity for your family or colleagues? Then you can come to the VVV in Gemert. Programs are customized and put together for you by VVV Gemert-Bakel.

There are many possibilities.
To give an idea of a package, below are some of the activities, with which a combination can be made.
Of course, much more is possible.

* Guided tour of the historic center of Gemert
* Tour of the castle keep, courtyard and gardens (limited availability due to renovation)
* Visit to the St. Jan church and/or a tour of the vaults of the church
* Visiting the 4 mills of Gemert-Bakel
* Guided tour of the church of Handel and the processional park
* Guided tour in the church of De Mortel
* Visiting the Boerenbondsmuseum
* Visit to the Latin School with municipal archives and/or the local history room.
* An arrangement can also include a visit to the catering industry.

* Tour of coffee roasting plant USAWA

You can request an arrangement by sending an email to or by filling out a form in our cozy store at Ridderplein. After that, the VVV Gemert-Bakel will contact you.

The price of an arrangement depends on the choices made.

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