Horseback Riding in Someren

On the road in Someren with your horse. Enjoy nature on the 85 km long Equestrian interchange network through Someren. To enjoy even more, you can expand the network with the equestrian and driving route network in the Land van de Peel, in Cranendonck or the network in Limburg. If one day is not enough to enjoy all that beauty, you can stay with your horse in different places. 

Good start;
There are several starting points on the network, which are indicated on the map. The ideal starting point for your route. Here you will find sufficiently large parking spaces and a (small) catering point.

How does the network work?
The depicted route map gives you an overview of 85 km of signposted horse riding and driving routes in Someren. This network consists of loops connected by numbered nodes. The numbered nodes on the map correspond to the nodes in the field. The routes are signposted and the distances between the nodes are indicated on the map. By driving from one junction to another, you have the freedom to map out your own route and determine the distance.

A large part of the trails is unpaved and has a sandy surface. Ideal for horse, rider and driver. You drive through forest and heathland areas, extensive meadows and past cozy villages. Hospitable entrepreneurs offer a good place to sleep for you and your horse.

Some rules and safety;
It is important that you stay on the marked trails. These trails have been opened up to you by various nature management organizations, so that the vulnerable parts of nature are spared as much as possible. If you come across an opening or information board, follow the rules.
Other user groups may also be active on the roads and paths of the equestrian and driving route network. Respect each other and always approach other users in step. You are a guest in this area, so please do not leave any trash behind.

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