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Exhibition Keigaaf! de Peelrandbreuk

25 October, 26 October and 4 more days

The Peelrandbreuk, a geological fault line, which owes its name to the Peel. Discover all about it in...

Model railway exhibition

until 31 October

Get your train driver's diploma or run three trains on the Marklin youth track? This is possible at a...

Exhibition 'From Agricultural Truck to XF'

until 4 January 2022

A selection from Peter Bouwmans' extensive DAF collection provides a fantastic overview of the history...

Mushrooms and fungi course at IVN

27 October, 30 October and 2 more days

This autumn, IVN Laarbeek is going to organise a course about mushrooms and fungi. The course consists...


27 until 31 October

Tekenlessen in De Wieger

27 October, 29 October and 8 more days


29 October, 26 November