War memorial plane crash near Keelven in Someren

This war memorial was unveiled on 10 July 2021 in memory of a plane crash there in December 1941 during the Second World War. 

On December 27, 1941, a Vickers Wellington Mk. 1c down. The Wellington Z 1098 was from 57 squadron, RAF base Feltwell, Norfolk. 

During a mission with 132 aircraft to Dusseldorf, the aircraft was shot down by a German night fighter. 

5 crew members perished and were buried at Municipal Cemetery Woensel "de Oude Toren" Eindhoven. 

The sole survivor remained in multiple camps as a prisoner of war until the end of the war.

The monument, a boulder, was donated by Astrid van Kol-Meeuws and family. The artwork on the boulder was made by Darius Verheijden of Blood Sweat and Steel in Someren-Heide.

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