Maria-chappel Herselseweg in Lierop

This Maria chapel was built in 1955 by the Lieropse guilds and various former East Indies visitors. Arie Maas and Wim Hurkmans were the executors and had help from many Lieropse Gildebroeders. The Stones came from the Lieropse mill and from the house of Piet Verstappen (located between Hotel Centraal and café Gerrit Wijnen). Theo van Brussel did the painting. The property rights were transferred by the guilds to the church board on June 28, 1980. The chapel was restored in 1992. 
The chapel has the inscription; Tota Pulchra Es Maria; The people who built this habitation here, for Mary their mother's honor, want their children to remember, Her given assistance, again and again. Lierop 5 June 1955.

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Herselseweg 1
5715 BN Lierop
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