Eelderly couple

He, an opapet on and his suit on. She, sleeves rolled up and her right hand gingerly in her husband's arm. As if the elderly couple is ready for a stroll through the neighbourhood. The 'Elderly Couple' sculpture appeals to the imagination. The sculpture by artist Pier van Leest stands in front of the residential care facility Franciscushof in Lieshout. The copper sculpture has been there since the official opening of Franciscushof, almost 35 years ago. On 23 January 1985, the first residents moved into the newly built residential care centre. Almost a year earlier, on 7 June 1984, Mrs Dien Cornelissen laid the foundation stone for what was then the smallest residential care centre in the region. On 10 April 1986, during Franciscushof's foundation day, the statue of the elderly couple was unveiled. 


Franciscushof 17
5737BE Lieshout
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