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  • Oldtimer Rental Liessel

    Oldtimer Rental Liessel Oldtimer Rental Liessel

    Enjoy a day of touring in De Peel with the Dafjes YA at Oldtimer Rental Liessel, together or with a group.


  • Café De Stal Aarle-Rixtel

    Café De Stal Aarle-Rixtel

    Going out in Aarle-Rixtel is fun at Café De Stal.


  • Sint Ritta

    Sint Ritta

    For a kebab, a hair salon, a pizza, a sandwich or a salad you can go to Sint Ritta.

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  • Maria-chappel in Someren-Heide

    Maria-chappel in Someren-Heide

    This chapel alcove in Someren-Heide was built in 1947 by Mrs MA Sonnemans – Cardinaal (1864-1952) out...


  • Bakhuus De Beemd

    Bakhuus De Beemd

    We offer a wide range of fries, snacks and lunch.

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  • Monument Indiëgangers Someren-Heide

    Monument Indiëgangers Someren-Heide

    At the cemetery of the Parish St-Jozef in S-Heide is a monument with a bricked-in plaque. The text on...


  • Voormalig woonhuis - Markt 2011 Helmond

    Voormalig woonhuis - Markt 2011 Helmond


  • Opus monument in Someren

    Opus monument in Someren

    The Opus monument at the Wolfsveld in Someren is an abstract work of art by Lucien van der Eerden from...


  • Pastorie Bakelsedijk - Helmond

    Pastorie Bakelsedijk - Helmond


  • Eethuis Saray

    Eethuis Saray

    Eethuis Saray in the centre of Aarle-Rixtel.


  • Bibliotheek Bakel

    Bibliotheek Bakel

    Bakel Library. Branch of De Lage Beemden Library.


  • Venster in het Landschap

    Venster in het Landschap

    Anyone driving for the first time on the N279 from Aarle-Rixtel to Beek en Donk will be surprised. Are...

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  • Suzy's Art World

    Suzy's Art World

    Besides the workshops Suzy offers, she also sells paintings. She also works on commission. But it can...


  • Voormalig woonhuis - Markt 18-18a Helmond

    Voormalig woonhuis - Markt 18-18a Helmond


  • Gehucht Boekent | Gemert

    Gehucht Boekent | Gemert

    Boekent is one of the oldest hamlets of Gemert. Older than Gemert Castle, it is an intersection of historical...


  • Snackbar de Kiosk

    Snackbar de Kiosk

    The menu at Cafetaria De Kiosk in Lieshout is enormous Because the choice at Cafetaria De Kiosk is enormous,...


  • Wandering through the Peel

    Wandering through the Peel Wandering through the Peel

    In the Peel you experience nature with all your senses. Led by an enthusiastic peel guide you will discover...


  • 17 patriots of prins

    17 patriots of prins

    We are patriots! The procession moved down the street towards Merckt Field.


  • Hagelkruis Boekent | Gemert

    Hagelkruis Boekent | Gemert

    Cross placed in middle of fields to ward off hail and protect harvest.


  • Vacation home Kostelijk

    Vacation home Kostelijk Vacation home Kostelijk Helenaveen

    This 5-person house is located in the quiet Helenaveen, Noord-Brabant, on a historic spot


  • Clown Dico

    Clown Dico Clown Dico Deurne

    A party or event where you are expecting children? Clown Dico is the balloon clown par excellence and...


  • Grand-Café De Hoofdzaak

    Grand-Café De Hoofdzaak Brasserie De Hoofdzaak Liessel

    Grand-Café De Hoofdzaak, enjoy Burgundian for lunch, drinks or dinner!


  • Natuurgebied Landgoed Cleefswit | Elsendorp

    Natuurgebied Landgoed Cleefswit | Elsendorp

    Cleefswit is one of the older examples of large-scale reclamation of wasteland in the late 19th, early...


  • Bijzonder Brabants group outings

    Bijzonder Brabants group outings

    Discover the most special vegetable garden of Brabant? A group visit to farm De Breemortel is a true...