Art and Culture in Deurne

Discovering art and culture in Deurne?
Why not visit a gallery, the studios or the museums in Deurne, Liessel, Neerkant, Vlierden, Helenaveen and Griendtsveen. Experience the old crafts and special sights, remarkable monuments such as windmills, churches and castles. Writers and artists have also left their marks in Deurne; on the street but also in the library. In the art hall and exhibition spaces you can see special exhibitions and displays. You can also visit the Deurne theatre and cinema.

Museums, Galleries, Studios and Crafts in Deurne - From contemporary and modern art to history and old crafts

Pay a visit to a museum or art gallery in Deurne, Liessel, Neerkant, Vlierden, Helenaveen and Griendtsveen. The galleries show contemporary art and modern paintings, but also classic statues. In fact, the Peel area is one big open air museum. The museums in and around Deurne regularly feature changing exhibitions. You may learn more about the history of the Peel, an old craft or hand-made work of the past. Free museum? Some have free access if you have an annual museum pass. During the Museum weekend entry is often free as well.

Sights in Deurne

Come and experience history! 
The castle domain, the watermill, the protestant and catholic church and the windmill. In Deurne you can feast your eyes! Take, for example, the castles of Deurne, the special Gouden Helm monument n Helenaveen, the mill of Vlierden, the extraordinary church in Neerkant or the chapel in Liessel. Remarkable architecture can be found in Griendtsveen and Helenaveen.

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