Business in Deurne

Meetings and more… 
Looking for a good location for a meeting, a conference or an assembly? In Deurne, you will find excellent accommodations, as well as plenty of possibilities for teambuilding or a day out with your employees. A present, a thank you or a promotional gift from the VVV makes your day complete. Let us inspire you and take away your worries!

Holding meetings in Deurne - Stylish and special meeting venues with good facilities

Are you looking for a location for a meeting, conference or business gathering? In Deurne you’ll find excellent accommodations. Room for courses and meeting location, rooms for presentations, seminars, congresses or symposiums. In Deurne, Liessel, Vlierden, Neerkant, Helenaveen and Griendtsveen there are ample facilities for your group or staff.