Staying the night in Deurne

Deurne, situated in Brabant on the border with Limburg, is an excellent choice for your holiday, night or weekend away. Deurne features good hotels, B&Bs, group accommodations, camping sites and holiday homes of all stripes. From rural camping at a farm camping site or camper parking place to a night at a city centre hotel. From spending a comfortable night at a bungalow park to a cheap stay at the camping site for families. There is also sufficient choice for large groups.
Welcome in Deurne!

Hotels in Deurne - A weekend away? Come and stay the night in Deurne!

Deurne has comfortable places to stay. In the pleasant hustle and bustle of the town centre or in the enchanting wilds. What about special accommodation in a former convent? Deurne, Liessel, Vlierden, Neerkant, Helenaveen and Griendtsveen offer hotel rooms for every wish, for every budget. From luxurious to cheap, in Deurne you’ll always find the hotel overnight stay you are looking for.

Bed & Breakfasts in Deurne - Staying in hospitable Brabant

Enjoying the Peel from your own cosy boarding house. In Deurne’s B&Bs hospitality and personal approach are key. Sleeping comfortably at a farm, horse ranch or authentic countryhouse. In the village centre or in natural surroundings, from the luxurious to the cheap: Choose the accommodation that suits you and your budget! In Deurne, Liessel, Vlierden, Neerkant, Helenaveen and Griendtsveen you are always greeted with a hearty welcome.

Campsites in Deurne - Our small-scale camping sites are hospitable and have good facilities so you can enjoy being away together.

Nature, peace and quiet, and the wide open: Deurne, Vlierden, Helenaveen, Griendtsveen, Liessel and Neerkant form the ideal environment for every true camper. Enjoy camping at a Vekabo or SVR camping site, farm camping site or mini camping.

Group accommodations in Deurne - A weekend outing with family or friends? A camping farm or holiday home is your premier choice

Deurne has very homey group accommodations. In the middle of nature or near attractive Peel villages such as Neerkant, Vlierden and Liessel. At historic locations near the peat colonies of Griendstveen and Helenaveen. Accommodations for large groups but also a group accommodation for small parties. No matter how large or small the number of persons, you have a wide range to pick from, from the low-budget to the luxurious.

Holiday homes in Deurne - Sleeping comfortably in a holiday home

Spending the night in a comfortable holiday home, in a bungalow or chalet at private persons. Child-friendly, from the luxurious to the low-budget: Deurne, Vlierden, Liessel, Neerkant, Helenaveen and Griendtsveen offer ample attractive accommodations to choose from.