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  • Het Plein Brandevoort

    Het Plein Brandevoort


  • Op stap met de dames

    Op stap met de dames High tea in de Peel - photo example

    Making a piece of jewelry with your group, high tea and African drumming workshop. Finish with dinner...


  • Monument for Freedom in Someren

    Monument for Freedom in Someren

    The Freedom Monument on Speelheuvelplein in Someren consists of five pedestals, on which five different...


  • Hervormde begraafplaats

    Hervormde begraafplaats


  • Herenhuis - Kerkstraat 17 Helmond

    Herenhuis - Kerkstraat 17 Helmond


  • Suzy's Art World

    Suzy's Art World

    Besides the workshops Suzy offers, she also sells paintings. She also works on commission. But it can...


  • Manege De Raam

    Manege De Raam

    A riding school where pony and horse riding competitions are held.


  • Longhouse farmhouse

    Longhouse farmhouse

    Long-gable farmhouse in traditional style from 1886, located on the corner of the Dorpsstraat and the...


  • Tabletgame Kidnapped! - Liever Buiten

    Tabletgame Kidnapped! - Liever Buiten Tabletgame Liever Buiten Deurne

    A fun walking tour with tablet through the Zandbos with exciting elements!


  • Escape game Kist&Zo

    Escape game Kist&Zo

    An escape game with a difference! A playful escape in a surprising game


  • De Berkershoeve Camper place

    De Berkershoeve Camper place Camper pitches De Berkershoeve


  • Café Zaal Jan van Hoek

    Café Zaal Jan van Hoek

    Over the years, Café van Hoek has become the best-known (food) café in Asten with a large hall for parties,...


  • Harmonie De Goede Hoop Aarle-Rixtel

    Harmonie De Goede Hoop Aarle-Rixtel

    The club spirit is of paramount importance at Harmonie De Goede Hoop.


  • YsbyBerry


    For a nice refreshing ice cream, visit YsbyBerry. Hospitable Ambassador of Tourist Region Laarbeek.


  • Fabrieksgebouw - Helmond

    Fabrieksgebouw - Helmond


  • Staatsbosbeheer Bekenwandeling 9 km

    Staatsbosbeheer Bekenwandeling 9 km

    The Bekenwandeling starts from the parking lot Grotel's Genieten in Bakel. The route is 9 kilometers...


  • Leonardus church

    Leonardus church

    The Sint Leonarduskerk or Leonardus de Noblackerk is a church building in Beek en Donk, municipality...

    Beek en Donk

  • Sluys 6

    Sluys 6

    Sandwich shop Sluys 6 in a beautiful location on the Zuid-Willemsvaart. Hospitable Ambassador of Tourist...

    Beek en Donk

  • Het Nonneke

    Het Nonneke

    On the occasion of Franciscushof's fifth anniversary, this statue was unveiled.


  • Zuid-Willemsvaart


    The Zuid-Willemsvaart has a length of 121.9 km.

    Beek en Donk

  • Electro Kuijpers the specialist in white goods

    Electro Kuijpers the specialist in white goods Electro Kuijpers Deurne

    Welcome to Electro Kuijpers. We are a family business. We sell white goods, built-in and freestanding....


  • Boerderij: De Diepert, Handel

    Boerderij: De Diepert, Handel

    This old farmhouse is of a non-native type. It is a reclamation farm, beautifully preserved and therefore...


  • GrandOptical

    GrandOptical GrandOptical opticien Deurne

    GrandOptical has the best eye test equipment and an exclusive collection of frames


  • Money Kiosk

    Money Kiosk

    Money kiosk on the Koppelstraat near number 11.

    Beek en Donk