What to see and do in Neerkant?

Neerkant, known for Museum Neerkant, Technology with a soul, have a drink in village cafe Neerkant and visit the Neerkant plant fair. Centrally located between the Groote Peel National Park and the Deurnese Peel.

See and Do in Neerkant

A little piece of history

Settlements at the “nederkant”
The village of Neerkant consisted of a number of settlements located near the old through road between Deurne and Meijel. The name Neerkant supposedly comes from the word “nederkant”, meaning “end of the municipality of Deurne”. The village is relatively young. The name Neerkant isn‘t mentioned anywhere before the year 1730.

Landscape created by peat reclamation
Neerkant is situated on a high wind-borne sand deposit between two swampy high moorlands, The Deurne Peel and The Limburg Peel. Halfway through the 19th century, the people of the region started systematically extracting the peat and using it for fuel. On the Brabant side of the area, the peat was mainly reclaimed by extraction companies. Many canals were dug for the transportation of the peat. Thanks to the peat extraction, Neerkant ended up with more and more agricultural land and even its very own canal, the Neerkantse Wiek. It is a beautiful region for cycling.