Dender Cartoon Theatre - Garden bosses

Thursday 15 August

It seems like a carefree afternoon on Tulip Street. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the garden chairs are unfolded and the BBQ is lit. Two bon vivants sit safely behind their own garden fence, flipping their sausages once more. This day can't go wrong!

Suddenly, next door, they hear a bang, a sigh, a laugh and a deafening squeak. The men prick up their ears and silently put down their BBQ tongs. They rise from their garden chairs. Armed with a baguette and camouflage face paint, they sneak to the peephole in the fence....

 Dender Cartoon Theatre lifts the BBQ smoke and makes the world behind the fence visible. For young and old, drawings come to life with physical theatre, live music and a table full of crazy noises.

 Be swept away in an absurd spectacle about the courage to look through different glasses.


  • Thursday the 15th of august 2024 at 14:00


  • €7.00