Thursday 8 August

The party can begin because here we are again! Drumdrumdrum plays 'TADADAAA!!!' A new dazzling, interactive show, in which we use world music to celebrate the positive, beautiful and special things in life. In Mexico, everyone knows the Ranchera! In Curaçao, we play and dance the Tumba! Do you know it yet? No. And then do you know the Dutch bird dance? Drumdrumdrum throws all these musical styles and cultures into the mixer. And what do you get? TADADAAA... a grand world party!

Sitting still is impossible for the young audience. So come watch and come dance, make music and sing along! Let Drumdrumdrum take you around the world and celebrate life. You will know the makers of Drumdrumdrum from their successful performances 'BOOMWHAKALAA!!!', 'BANWAKABOOM' and 'PADABOOM!!!'.


  • Thursday the 8th of august 2024 at 14:30


  • €7.00