Sleeping Beauty

6 July, 18 July and 25 July

Theatre Group Mariahout performs the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty at the Open Air Theatre.

When, after a long wait, the King and Queen finally celebrate the birth of their daughter Rose, something terrible happens. The unloved Draconia casts a terrible curse. Fortunately, the loving Fairies come to the rescue. Rose grows up warm and safe, until fate arrives and she pricks herself on a spinning wheel through a ploy by Draconia. Sleeping Beauty and all the people of the kingdom fall into an eternal sleep. A huge hedge of thorns surrounds the city. Does true love triumph, will the Prince enter the castle and kiss Sleeping Beauty awake, breaking the curse?

Experience the performance Sleeping Beauty in Open Air Theatre Mariahout. The show is performed by the Theatre Group Mariahout. It is directed by Lars van Asten and produced by Helmie Segboer, Wendy Verbrugge and Mike van den Eijnden.


  • Saturday the 6th of july 2024 at 19:00
  • Thursday the 18th of july 2024 at 14:30
  • Thursday the 25th of july 2024 at 14:30


  • €7.00