Boy Jansen 'Boy & friends'

Saturday 13 April 2024

Boy Jansen has invited his funny and musical friends to make it a hilarious evening together. The recipe is simple, you take a bunch of barrel talkers then mix them with an entertainment group and you get a delicious recipe.

Not a standard barrel talk evening but a surprising mix of music, cabaret, skits and sheer nonsense.
But would there be any depth to it?
It just might at this surprising and unique evening!

Boy Jansen, you may know him from acts like Beatrix, the driving judge or Herman den Blijker. All 'famous' names which Boy likes to revive as a caricature. Because of the many flying hours he makes, he almost dares to give you a laugh guarantee. Besides Boy Jansen, his friends will also try to surprise you.


  • Saturday the 13th of april 2024 at 20:30


  • €15.00