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  • IJssalon De Gebroeders | Bakel

    IJssalon De Gebroeders | Bakel

    Ice cream parlour De Gebroeders makes the perfect stopover, as many cycling and hiking routes sta...

  • VVV Shop Gemert

    VVV Shop Gemert

    Pass by our VVV Shop for the greatest gift certificates. From Dinner Checks to Stage Cards, and o...

  • VVV Asten (Asten Tourist Office)

    VVV Asten (Asten Tourist Office)

    Your starting point for information and inspiration about Asten and the Land of De Peel!

  • Someren tourist information point

    Someren tourist information point

    At the Tourist Information Point of Someren Naturally at De Meer 21a you will find all kinds of i...

  • VVV Deurne

    VVV Deurne Tourist information office in Deurne

    A visit to Deurne starts with the Tourist Information Office. Every information for a good time i...

  • Annatheater


    Get to know the Annatheater. Acting courses, tango, mindfulness, youth theatre school, performanc...

  • De Viersprong | De Rips

    De Viersprong | De Rips

    Restaurant De Viersprong has been a household name in the region for over thirty years. At bistro...

    De Rips
  • McDonald's Helmond

    McDonald's Helmond
  • Greek Grill Restaurant Delphi

    Greek Grill Restaurant Delphi
  • Gepast parkeren in Helmond

    Gepast parkeren in Helmond

    Visitors of downtown Helmond have access to easy and low-priced parking thanks to the new system...

  • De Brandevoortse Hoeve

    De Brandevoortse Hoeve

    The place in Helmond for the tastiest home-grown local produce. You can also enjoy a drink and de...

  • Vier je kinderfeestje in het kasteel

    Vier je kinderfeestje in het kasteel
  • Fletcher Wellness-Hotel Helmond

    Fletcher Wellness-Hotel Helmond

    Fletcher Wellness-Hotel Helmond offers atmosphere, tranquillity and luxury facilities for the who...

  • De Rode Vos

    De Rode Vos

    On the edge of Venhorst, a small Brabant village in the Peel, lies the Red Fox. For almost 100 ye...

  • Café 't Hart | Handel

    Café 't Hart | Handel

    In the heart of the pilgrimage town of Handel you will find Café 't Hart. Right across from the R...

  • Dientje | Gemert

    Dientje | Gemert

    Opening hours café-restaurant-rooms Dientje Gemert Check out Dientje Gemert 's website for more...

  • Gij&Ik | Gemert

    Gij&Ik | Gemert Bar inside Gij&Ik in Gemert, Land van de Peel

    Gemert’s Gij & Ik is a friend to all, a place where everyone feels at home really quickly. This i...

  • Monument De Grote Tromslager in Lierop

    Monument De Grote Tromslager in Lierop

    This monument was presented in 1989 by the commissioners of Fanfare St. Willibrordus Lierop on th...

  • Vakantiehuis "De Berken"

    Vakantiehuis "De Berken"
  • De Ruchte Theater and Social Cultural Center

    De Ruchte Theater and Social Cultural Center

    Goosebumps during a beautiful performance in our theater..... A good conversation in our foyer......

  • Café-restaurant Thijssen

    Café-restaurant Thijssen

    Thijssen includes a restaurant, café and terrace. We also offer modern rooms for meetings and gat...

  • Hoeve Te Groenendaal in Gemert

    Hoeve Te Groenendaal in Gemert

    The medieval farmstead Te Groenendaal was located on today's Groenendaal in Gemert. The associate...

  • Grenspaal Bunthorst Paal (Kuil)

    Grenspaal Bunthorst Paal (Kuil)

    The easternmost boundary marker in the Peel between Gemert and Bakel. Also the border with Oploo....

    De Rips
  • CabrioPeeltour Asten

    CabrioPeeltour Asten

    Following the overwhelming success of the Cabrio Peeltour in recent years, the Asten Tourist Offi...