Deurnese Peel and more nature in Deurne

Do you like nature? You can indulge yourself in Deurne and the Peel. Here you can enjoy great views, fairytale peat canals, woods and pools, an enchanting landscape. Learn more about nature and environment in a visitors’ centre or national park. Deurne, Liessel, Neerkant, Vlierden, Helenaveen and Griendtsveen also have beautiful parks and gardens. Go and visit such a gorgeous garden; come and experience nature in Deurne.

Visitors' centres in Deurne - A good starting point for your tour of discovery in nature

The visitors’ centre is a good starting point to learn more about Deurne, Liessel, Neerkant, Vlierden, Helenaveen and Griendtsveen. You may find information about nature and the environment. In these centres of knowledge and information itineraries are often available. There are also visitors’ centres with a park and bike facility and catering establishments.

Fishing waters in Deurne

Beautiful fishing spots can be found in the Deurnese nature. With a fishing permit you can fish in the fishing waters of Deurne and fishing waters nearby. Buy a fishing pass? You can go to VVV Deurne. Where can you fish? 

View fishing options here

Parks and gardens in Deurne - With unusual trees, flowers and plants

Roaming around in the parks and gardens of Deurne! Discover rare trees, flowers and plants during a visit to a beautiful park or a special garden in Deurne, Liessel, Neerkant, Vlierden, Helenaveen and Griendtsveen. You can take a stroll, relax, play and discover.