What to see and do in Liessel?

Liessel, known for his belt mill De Volksvriend and the accompanying bakery, the Hubertuskapel and Sint Willibrorduskerk. The church has beautiful stained glass windows, made by Pieter Wiegersma, son of doctor-painter Hendrik Wiegersma.

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See and do in Liessel

A little piece of history

Liessel, village from bygone days
In the Stone Age, thousands of years B.C., a sand ridge in Liessel, the area now known as Leegveld, was already inhabited by people. The oldest mention of the name Liessel dates back to the year 1312. In those days, the village was no more than a collection of farms and fields. The wet peaty soil, located to the west, was later reclaimed. Liessel is located on the fault zone of the Peel Edge Fault Line. The church has beautiful stained-glass windows, created by Pieter Wiegersma, son of doctor and painter Hendrik Wiegersma.

Inviting forests
The area surrounding the Liessel Forests are great for cycling and hiking. A wonderful part of the forest is the spot where the river the Old Aa flows, with the fall of the river and the riverbank vegetation creating plenty of variation. The Peel Edge Fault Line is also visible here.