What to see and do in Vlierden?

Vlierden, a historic wooded village known from De Bikkels Vlierden with its juniper bushes, the Johanna Elisabeth windmill located in the sculpture garden of Joep Coppens, the monumental cemetery of the Wiegersma family and the meandering Astense Aa.

See and do in Vlierden

A little piece of history

The village of Vlierden consisted of a number of settlements surrounding the river the Old Aa. The name Vlierden, or Fleodrodum in those days, is first mentioned in a copy of a document from the year 721. The name probably means “town covered in elders”. The oldest part of Vlierden is probably the Oude Torenweg, where nowadays you can find a remembrance chapel.

Juniper berry
The forests near Vlierden were planted to combat the drift sands. The Vlierden Forests are perfect for hiking and cycling. The rare juniper berry grows and blossoms in the forests and the rare sand lizard also lives here. The private estate Het Ven hosts the monumental cemetery of the family Wiegersma.