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  • Waterski- en Wakeboardvereniging De Rooye Plas - Handel

    Waterski- en Wakeboardvereniging De Rooye Plas - Handel

    De Rooye Plas in Handel is a water ski and wakeboard club. The club has a slalom course and jump ramp,...


  • Golfbaan Stippelberg

    Golfbaan Stippelberg

    In the beautiful nature reserve De Stippelberg in the municipality of Gemert-Bakel lies Golf Course Stippelberg....


  • Multifunctional centre De Dreef

    Multifunctional centre De Dreef

    Various activities are available in the multifunctionalcentre De Dreef.


  • Hulpmiddelen voor Ouderen

    Hulpmiddelen voor Ouderen Tools for the elderly shop Deurne

    Elderly people can end up in a situation where the daily necessities of life can no longer be carried...


  • Graveyard wall Lierop

    Graveyard wall Lierop

    On the north side, the yard of the Patronaatsgebouw in Lierop is bordered by the partially surviving...


  • Golfclub d'n Heikant

    Golfclub d'n Heikant

    A beautiful full-size Par-3 golf course, with strategically constructed bunkers and water features. The...


  • Brandevoort


    Brandevoort is a new housing project at the edge of Helmond. The style of Brandevoort was based on the...


  • Swimming pool Drie Essen

    Swimming pool Drie Essen

    From the moment Drie Essen started with a small pool in Erp, we have always had in mind that all swimmers...

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  • Archeologische opgraving: Neerakker, Bakel

    Archeologische opgraving: Neerakker, Bakel

    This is one of the most important excavations in Bakel, a complete court, with village has been found...


  • Innesto Ristorante

    Innesto Ristorante

    Enjoy modern and traditional Italian cuisine in perhaps the most picturesque spot in Asten... Eating,...


  • Camping De Peelpoort

    Camping De Peelpoort

    Camping De Peelpoort is located on Gezandebaan in Asten-Heusden.


  • Tour of Jan Paagman Sterrenwacht in Asten

    Tour of Jan Paagman Sterrenwacht in Asten

    This tour of the observatory will introduce you to a whole new world!


  • D'n Tip

    D'n Tip

    More than 100 years old factory complex at Dorpsstraat 73 in Lieshout.


  • War memorial Beeld op paal

    War memorial Beeld op paal War memorial Beeld op paal Helenaveen

    War memorial erected on the initiative of returnees of the church raids of October 8, 1944.


  • Hoeve Milschot Gemert

    Hoeve Milschot Gemert

    Milschot farmstead is a medieval farmstead and was long owned by the Teutonic Order.

    De Mortel

  • Goedemorgen Media

    Goedemorgen Media

    At Goedemorgen Media there is a tourist information point.

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  • Natural pool Nederheide

    Natural pool Nederheide

    You can find natural pool Nederheide in the middle of the forest, located in the beautiful nature reserve...


  • Walk English

    Walk English Walk through the Peel while talking english

    Do you enjoy speaking English and love being outside? Would you like to experience the Peel in a different...


  • Memorial stone in the park in Lierop

    Memorial stone in the park in Lierop

    The memorial stone, made by Lucien van der Eerden, has the following symbolism: As part of the completion...


  • Daily Deurne

    Daily Deurne Daily Deurne

    Enjoy delicious fresh coffee, freshly baked sandwiches and hot snacks here! Companies and local residents...


  • Siga Mode

    Siga Mode Siga Mode Neerkant

    Our powerful range is a mix of Dutch and Scandinavian labels, for both casual occasion and a party. Together...


  • 20. Dappere dochter

    20. Dappere dochter

    Sheriff Otto de Visschere's daughter foils an attack on her father.


  • Meat and dairy farm De Lage Broekkant

    Meat and dairy farm De Lage Broekkant

    Sit, taste, enjoy and learn about cows, calves and much more.

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  • Hollidayhome ‘t Ulekesnest

    Hollidayhome ‘t Ulekesnest Hollidayhome ‘t Ulekesnest Helenaveen

    Hollidayhome ‘t Ulekesnest is located in the nature reserve called De Peel.