Bowhuntingteam Unicorn 3D Shoot

24 en 25 augustus

34 Targets Free Camping with all faccilities (also showers)
All day good food and drinks at fair prices
Saturdaynight Party Online registration opens on Friday 22 Maart at 20:00 PM an we are always book full rapidly. So be prepared at that time, if you don't want to miss out on one of the best 3D events of the year !!!
Registration only via an online form on

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Wolfsbosch circuit Gemert
Energieweg 9
5422VL Gemert
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  • Zaterdag 24 augustus 2024 08.00 - 00.00 uur
  • Zondag 25 augustus 2024 12.00 - 17.00 uur