Regional products from Deurne and de Peel

Delicacies from the region

Want to experience the taste of the Peel? Discover our regional products. Come and taste at the farmer, in country and farm shops, at artisan growers, the mill and local shops.

A regional product is a product that comes from the same region as where it is sold. Think of delicious jam, fresh fruit juice, fresh vegetables.....

From blueberries to pancake mix

In Deurne and the surrounding area there are many special products from the region to taste and discover. In the shop and webshop of VVV Deurne you will find all kinds of products from the region. For example, juice and jam from blueberries from De Peel, delicious jams of seasonal fruit, honey, chutney, the Peelreus beer and pancake mix from the Deurnese mill.

Taste the beauty of the Peel, honest and delicious

Did you know that you can also experience the Peel with your taste buds? Local products are tasty because they are honest and delicious. Grown and made with love and patience, with an emphasis on authenticity and authenticity. This way the taste comes out best.

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